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This week you’ll have the rare chance to witness the launch of a brand that will set a new footprint in the landscape. When you look at established brands today, don’t you sometimes think “I wonder how it all started?” Obviously every brand started from zero at one stage, which is difficult to imagine after they have been around for so long.

Watch out! Now you can follow a brand from the first moment of its creation, seeing it flourish over years and change people’s mindset for the better. As opposed to other brands we will not change our personality based on commercial needs or customer requests. We only sell online directly to the consumer and this undiluted communication will ensure that we will always stay true to the brand story and our friends.

Be one of the first to check out slow’s home at

You will see a lot of great visuals from our NY photoshoot that nicely reflect the unpretentious positive attitude of the brand. There is plenty of background information on the brand and us, some videos and of course all the details on slow Jo – the slow watch. We are pretty proud of launching this brand and its website today! So, there’s absolutely going to be a celebration tonight! 🙂

Cheers! To slow…

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